JDM Importing Service

At JDM Imports we have a 5 step process to make importing cars from Japan as simple as possible.

Step 1 - Contact a member of the team

The first, and hardest part of importing a car from Japan is identifying which car you actually wish to import as there is such a wide variety of amazing JDM cars.

Once you've decided which car you wish to import, the first step to importing is to get in contact with a member of the team.
You can get in contact with us via:

We will then be able to provide you with a selection of cars that meet your requirements.

Step 2 - Deposit

You've found your dream car, so now what?

The next step is to place a £745 refundable deposit, this deposit ensures security for our agent in Japan, yourself and us. Without it we will not be able to inspect any vehicles in Japan for yourself

Once the deposit is received we can begin searching for your ideal car at the auction houses and Japanese car dealerships.

Step 3 - Vehicle Inspection

Once you have identified a car that you like the look of our agent in Japan will provide a full inspection of the vehicle. This will include translating the grading sheet and any other requested information. If you are happy with the vehicle you will then go on to arrange a maximum bid with our agent at the auction houses.

Step 4 - Purchase

Well Done! If you have got this far, it means you have won your dream JDM car!
From here, the previous owner of the car has up to 2 weeks to provide all the documentation to our agent and then the de-registration of the vehicle and all relevant paperwork is completed - removing all the hassle for you.

At this point we provide two methods of payment:

  • Full payment up front
  • 60% up front and the final 40% 7 days before the car arrives

Step 5 - Arrival & Registration

So you played the waiting game, and the car has arrived!
The car will take about 4 days to get cleared through customs where we will collect the car & take it back to our surrey premises where the registration process will begin.
You are welcome to join us at the docks to see your JDM car for the first time!

So the final stage is where we register your car, this process will include:

  • Collection of vehicle from docks and stored at our Surrey premises
  • UK registration
  • 6 months tax
  • 12 months MOT
  • FREE multi point inspection
  • FREE delivery within 20 miles

Nothing left but to drive your car away!